Understanding and identifying barriers to accessing transport

ncat’s first customer research project aims to take a deep dive into disabled peoples’ lived needs, expectations and experiences using all forms of transport across the UK. 

What the project is about

Through engagement with the newly established Community for Accessible Transport Panel, the project will not only seek to understand the barriers people across the full breadth of disabilities face in their door to door journeys, but will map these against their own particular challenges and needs.

Infographic showing the passenger journey pain and pleasure points for those with a disability

What it seeks to do

In a UK first, the project will evidence the common service and infrastructure deficiencies across all modes of transport (road, rail, air and water) and quantify the types of travellers facing them or excluded from travel as a result of them.

How it seeks to do it

This evidence base will form the foundation of ncat’s future work, which specifically aims to break down those barriers and deliver transformational change in the way disabled people travel.