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Sign up to our Community of Accessible Transport (CAT)

Why sign up?

Being part of ncat’s Community of Accessible Transport will allow you to:

  • Get involved in shaping the future of transport for disabled people.
  • Share ideas. Learn from others. Find solutions that work.
  • Receive incentives for taking part in the research.

Could you be part of it?

Do you have any impairment, condition, illness, or are you just getting older? Does it affect your daily activities?

Or do you work in the transport sector and want to make transport accessible for disabled people?

Or do you work for a disability charity or higher education Institution and would be interested in the work of ncat?

This agreement outlines what it means to be a member of the ncat Community of Accessible Transport and details our respective responsibilities.

Call 020 8152 3236 to speak to someone about signing up.