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Our funder: Motability Foundation

Motability Foundation is a national charity set up with all party parliamentary support in 1977 and incorporated by Royal Charter.

The Motability Foundation funds, supports, researches and innovates so that all disabled people can make the journeys they choose. They oversee the Mobility Scheme and provide grants to help people use it, providing access to transport to hundreds of thousands of people a year.

two wheelchair users talking to one another outside
cyclist wearing helmet dressed in shorts and tshirt on country lane surrounded by trees and grass

Motability Foundation are looking to create change and have funded and supported the creation of ncat in order to undertake applied research and delivering exemplar projects to influence policy and transport providers by demonstrating that accessible transport can be achieved.

The research and agenda will be led by people who have disabilities and will build upon the user-centred approach successfully developed at the university’s National Transport Design Centre (ntdc), where the evidence centre will be based.

With the support of ncat, the Motability Foundation wants to create change and achieve its mission to ensure that no disabled person is disadvantaged due to poor access to transport.