Local Authority Transport Accessibility Mapping

What The Project Is About

The project will study the accessible transport profession in local government, including what roles fall under the profession, their level of seniority, and how local government teams are organised to embed transport accessibility as an agenda.

street scene showing parked cars on side of street, yellow lines painted on road, trees, sign prohibiting cars and motorbikes, green sign saying 'Road Open to' and then symbols for pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, and cyclists. Two large wooden plant boxes placed on either side of the road.

What It Seeks To Do

This project will foster a better understanding of local policy making in accessible transport in national and local government.  It aims to make accessible transport a greater priority for local and regional authorities and representative bodies such as the Local Government Association. and lay the foundations for a permanent community of practice on accessible transport founded on ncat values of coproduction with disabled people.

How It Seeks To Do It

Through surveys, focus groups and relationship building, this project seeks to strengthen relationships with local authorities and ensure that accessible transport is at the heart of their agenda.

What we’ve done so far

Currently compiling an evidence review of existing research on local authorities workers and similar professionals. Produced surveys for disabled people to give views on local transport experiences.