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ncat board hosted in Welsh Parliament

By 10 April 2024April 11th, 2024No Comments
Kay Inckle (ncat board member), Jane Hutt (Trefnydd and Chief Whip) and Keith Richards (chair of the ncat board.)

ncat is proud to be working making transport more accessible across the whole of the UK and so we were delighted to be hosted by the Welsh Parliament at Senedd in Cardiff yesterday. As part of our day in Wales we received presentations from Jon Travis, the Head of Transport Strategy, Planning and Integration and also Andrea Gordon from Guide Dogs UK.

Jon Travis updated the ncat board about the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act (2015) which puts involvement at the heart of public services. Central to the work is supporting public bodies in Wales to engage and involve disabled people in the issues that affect them.

Andrea Gordon also shared a presentation on the work in progress of the Disability Task Force. The Taskforce was established in 2022 to provide disabled people a forum to raise the issues that affect them most with Ministers and policy makers. The Taskforce puts lived experiences at the heart of their work. Gordon has chaired the Travel working group, which has held several sessions with disabled people on different transport modes.

Many thanks to Jon Travis, Jane Hutt, Trefnydd and Chief Whip, and Deb Harding, Head of Transport Strategy, Planning and Metros at Llywodraeth Cymru for organising and hosting the day.