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ncat launches Accessible Transport Charter at second Accessible Transport Policy Commission

By 5 March 2024March 27th, 2024No Comments
The Accessible Transport Policy Commission roundtable in a grand room in the House of Lords.

ncat hosted its second Accessible Transport Policy Commission event at the House of Lords this month. The Commission, chaired by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, used the event to launch, ‘Closing the transport accessibility gap: Making transport accessible for disabled people’, a Charter that calls for local and regional political leaders to eliminate barriers to travel.  

The Accessible Transport Policy Commission will regularly meet at Parliament to bring together parliamentarians, disabled people, transport professionals, and policymakers to improve public policies and everyday practices.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Chair of the Accessible Transport Policy Commission, said “Local authorities will only successfully address the challenges posed by inaccessible streets and transport services by including disabled people in decision-making on transport design. This should ensure that the importance of accessible transport is reflected in future strategies, budgeting, and procurement plans.”

The Accessible Transport Charter calls for local and regional political leaders to boost productivity and economic growth by closing the Transport Accessibility Gap and ensuring all residents can lead independent and fulfilling lives. It commits both current and prospective councillors and mayors from across the UK to:

  • Include Disabled people in the governance and delivery of transport services through the appointment of a Disabled people’s champion to key transport public decision-making bodies.
  • Support local transport authorities and operators to set up accessibility panels composed of Disabled people and organisations.
  • Promote community transport services and accessible public transport.
  • Make our streets accessible, inclusive, and safe for Disabled people. 

Clive Gilbert, Head of Accessible Transport at Policy Connect, one of the consortium partners that make up ncat, said “Local government is where many of the key decisions about the future of the transport system are made. Local and regional transport policy makers are crucial actors in our country’s transport system. They are therefore vital partners in our mission to eliminate barriers to transport for disabled people across the UK.”