Scaling Innovation

What the project is about

This project will provide funding to industry partners to test and develop improvements to transport for disabled people.

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What it seeks to do

The overall objective is to demonstrate and validate the grant funding mechanism, to set the foundation for the larger ncat funding programmes in the future. This project will test and provide evidence of the Centre’s process to deliver applied research and product development. It will offer the opportunity for disabled people to be at the heart of defining and designing research and product development initiatives that address their specific transport needs.

How it seeks to do it

Disabled people, from both our board and CAT Panel, will be involved in identifying opportunities and projects that will lead to improvements in their experiences of transport. We will then offer funding to industry partners to work on these.

The project will award up to £50,000 of funding to deliver feasibility studies or applied-research projects aligned to the ncat vision of improving transport for disabled people. Learning from this demonstrator will inform the design, promotion and delivery of the larger grant funding programme.