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Research Opportunity: Have your say on UK streetscapes

wheelie bins blocking the pavement

Take part in our research on the UK streetscape, and share your experiences as a disabled or older person.

National Centre for Accessible Transport (ncat)‘s latest research project is underway and we want to understand your experience of using the streetscape in the UK. When we talk about the streetscape, we mean all the aspects of a street, such as the pavement, road, buildings, trees, and anything that’s placed on the street itself, like benches or bins — known as street furniture.

This research project is part of ncat’s mission to make transport accessible for all disabled people. The project is being conducted by Coventry University with the help of RiDC (Research Institute for Disabled Consumers)

If you are a disabled person, getting older, or work in the transport or charity sectors with disabled people, we’d love to hear your views. To take part in this survey and other research projects about transport, you can register to be part of ncat’s Community of Accessible Transport  (CAT) panel.

Already, over 900 disabled people across the UK have signed up to be part of the CAT panel. Sign up to be part of the work of ensuring that all future travel systems have accessibility for disabled people at the heart of their development and delivery. Registering as a panel member is easy. And once you have registered, you will be contacted about upcoming research opportunities, and you get to choose which ones you want to take part in.Find out more and sign up by visiting
This survey closes on the 28th May.

Take Part In Streetscapes Survey