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Disabled ‘experts by experience’ lead the way for research

By 12 October 2023March 27th, 2024No Comments
Two people sat talking. The one on the left has an ipad propped on her lap.

We recently opened up the Community for Accessible Transport (CAT) panel for members.

An integral part of ncat – the CAT panel is fundamental to making sure it is disabled people’s voices and experiences that we reflect in our recommendations on how transport systems are designed. Members of the CAT panel share ideas, learn from one another, feed into policy and form the solutions that aim to transform the ways in which transport is used by the disabled community.

All this happens through the research we undertake, with consortium partner, RiDC (The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers). Research for ncat takes the form of surveys (online or over the phone), focus groups, or even testing different modes of transport in person.

To make sure that the CAT panel’s knowledge and life experience can be used most effectively, we have recruited a small Experts by Experience group for our first project – made up of people with lived experience of disability. We have now started working with these experts by experience to help design and structure a survey on transport barriers and get their input on the direction of the research.

The Experts by Experience group is made up of five people, who live with a range of impairments – such as sight loss, mobility issues and learning difficulties.

We’ve had one online session so far where we have shared the topics that our first survey will cover and they have fed back.

We are now working on the first bits of research we’ll be undertaking for ncat – looking at the barriers to transport that disabled people face. The survey will go live soon, and we will be asking for the wider CAT panel to share their experiences.

There’s still time to join the CAT panel, as part of ncat and we’d love your input. The more people there are sharing their diverse range of experiences, the more powerful voice we have in making our recommendations and pushing for change – with the overall aim of making transport accessible for all.

Anyone who identifies themselves as disabled is welcome to join, and there is no obligation to take part once a member of the panel. You can simply pick and choose the projects you are interested in. Some offer a voucher or financial reward as a thank you.

You can find out more and sign up here  at