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damian bridgeman headshot

Institute of Leadership Fellow, Chair of Cardiff International Airport Disability Group, and Trailblazer in Inclusive Reforms.

Damian Bridgeman stands as a beacon in the realms of inclusivity, travel, and societal reform. Recognized as an esteemed Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, his myriad contributions to various sectors resonate with commitment and innovation.

His strategic investments in approximately 15 start-ups emphasize his vision for a world where healthcare and societal challenges are addressed holistically. Damian’s mentorship goes beyond finance, offering disabled entrepreneurs the guidance they need to succeed.

Holding a pivotal position, Damian serves as the Chair of Cardiff International Airport’s Disability Group, reflecting his unwavering dedication to making travel an inclusive experience for all. Under his leadership, the airport has seen significant policy enhancements, ensuring that the needs of travellers with disabilities are not just considered but prioritised.

Beyond the airport, Damian’s commitment to positive societal change has seen him play an instrumental role in several disability task force groups. In collaboration with the Welsh Government, he has driven pivotal changes in guidance surrounding direct payments and continuous healthcare. His trailblazing efforts also led to the introduction of mandatory sepsis training for domiciliary care staff in Wales, emphasizing patient safety and excellence in care.

As autumn approaches, Damian prepares to take the helm of the Disability Housing Task Force for the Welsh Government, signalling another chapter in his journey of creating more accommodating environments for individuals with disabilities.

Joining forces with like-minded entrepreneurs, Damian has also been at the vanguard of launching two businesses exclusively tailored for the disabled travel and leisure sector, further showcasing his commitment to a universally accessible world.

In every endeavour, Damian Bridgeman continues to be a catalyst for change, championing inclusivity, equity, and the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive. His legacy is a testament to leadership that listens, innovates, and acts for the greater good.